Gamers move over

I’m not a gamer by any means, though there are a hand full of games I love and the rest frustrate me to no end. I miss the two dimensional days of Mario for Nintendo and Tetras. I have found a 3D game with no boundaries that I enjoy. It’s Flower for the PS3.

This game can be downloaded right from the PlayStation Store through the conceal itself. The concept of the game is you are the wind. Which you control by moving the controller and pushing just one button. Simple. You collect petals as you blow past trails of blossoms. It’s up lifting as you move through the levels changing what was once brown fields into lovely colour. I love it and have to laugh when I find myself leaning into the game.

“Reviewers praised the game’s music, visuals, and gameplay, calling it a unique and compelling emotional experience. It was named the “best independent game of 2009” at the Spike Video Game Awards, and won the “Casual Game of the Year” award by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences.” [wikipedia]

Elizabeth Gilbert :: TED Talks

I’m in the middle of reading Committed, which has rekindled my love for the humbled writer, Elizabeth Gilbert. I am one of her readers, that after finishing Eat, Pray, Love, I couldn’t wait to read her next great work. I visited her site monthly in hopes for an announcement of a release date and checked Chapters online often to make sure it didn’t slip through the cracks. Now that it’s here, I once again have Liz fever, ok I’m not that excited, but I do enjoy having my weekend coffee with her.

A year ago, she did a TED talk. Presenting a fresh way of keeping our creative accomplishments in perspective… and suggests what creative genius is. A must watch or listen.
to watch: Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity

It’s a funny, personal and surprisingly moving talk.” – TED