Savasana (corpse pose) just got better at Rootdown

Over the holidays I made eye pillows for the studio. They are a great prop to help with relaxing the brow, eyes and head. I’ve added organic lavender to the mixer of rice and beans to help calm the senses and further relax the body. For those sensitive to scent, I’ve made a few without the lavender. I hope they are enjoyed as much as I enjoyed making them.

The sticky on eco-friendly mats

Judy, a fellow yogini, told me that David Suzuki was on the radio (I think she said CBC) the other day and was talking about how bad yoga mats are for us. And well if your mat is made from PVC it’s the same as the water bottles we’ve been drinking out of for years. I’m not saying you should run out and replace your mat but having the knowledge that there are other products out there, will help in making a conscious consumer decision. I tried looking for the interview online or on his site, but came up empty handed.

Though I did come across this great article from Granville Magazine, that compares the leading eco-friendly mats available out there. The article gives a little history on how the yoga mat came to be, and great tips to consider when shopping.

If you have to toast ’em

PrintHere are my favourite toaster waffle. They’re all natural and free of everything; wheat, gluten, trans fats, egg and dairy, and the taste great. The reason I’m bring them up is that they are nearly half price at Quality Foods right now. Try them, you’ll be surprised.

Picture from Van’s website and not the same packaging as what is available here.

Looking for yoga products?

Pictures from Halfmoon Yoga's website.

Pictures from Halfmoon Yoga's website.

Look no further. Halfmoon Yoga Products have everything you’d need to make your practice comfortable and inspiring. All the props we use at Rootdown Yoga are from Halfmoon. They’re a Canadian company with one small shop in Vancouver on Granville Island, I have seen their products in specialty shops as well or look online HERE.