Reflecting on the past decade

Here we are, a decade behind us and a new year to look forward too. This past week I’ve been reflecting on the past ten years. What has transpired? Where is my life headed? What is left undone? I have a lot to be grateful for; I’ve never been so content with life as I am today. Even though the last decade had it’s roller coaster moments and even at times “how could this be happening” consumed my thoughts, I’m glad it all took place. It has made me the person I am; someone activity striving to be the best I can be.

I’m dedicating my free time the rest of the winter months to Svadhyaya, the yogic discipline of studying sacred text and studying oneself. Svadhyaya is part of  Patanjali’s Eight Limbed path (Ashtanga Yoga) described in the Yoga Sutra. In brief, the eight limbs are steps and practices that will lead to enlightenment. Asana and pranayama are both limbs in this path. Through reading and researching yoga text, a better understanding of the Self (our true nature), as well as skills of self-observation that leads to yoga or union will present itself.

One of the best text I found helpful in understanding what yoga is all about, The Heart of Yoga by T.K.V. Desikachar. It’s well written, in simple terms without being over welling.
A great way to experience self study is in your yoga practice. Observe your thoughts, is your mind present? How does the movement/yoga posture feel in your body? What subject matter draws your mind away?

33 Ways to get and keep yourself motivated

Now that winter is starting to set in, I’m feeling chilled and lethargic. The winters here, on the coast feel colder then the -20 ºC winters in Southern Alberta. I find the air is heavy and damp; and chills you to the bone. Making me want to curl up on the couch until mid April. Today’s list is about motivation, just reading the first few has motivated me to read all 33, so I thought I’d share. CLICK HERE and start these winter months with a positive, productive and clear mind.

Benefits of Massage

I have a massage appointment booked for Saturday and I can’t wait, it’s long over due. A massage is such a good thing to get done to yourself, not just for the pampering reasons. If you are someone who hasn’t treated themselves to a massage or feel they aren’t sore enough for one, here’s an article that may change your mind. Five Surprising Benefits of Massage.