rootdown ringtone

I wanted to share with you the ringtone I’m using on my phone, but there isn’t enough space on my blog site to host the mp3… so, I thought of the next best thing. The full length video. Enjoy Root Down by The Beastie Boys and enjoy your weekend.

On my nightstand

skinny_bitchOkay, I know the title isn’t at all yogic and I normally wouldn’t pick up a diet book. I first heard of Skinny Bitch in the tabloids a few years ago…someone (famous) was photographed reading it outside a cafe and sales went through the roof. I came across a copy at a garage sale two weeks ago and paid 10 cents for it. The price was right to find out what all the hype was about. Turns out it’s a GREAT BOOK. Funny, no mention of mini-skirts or platform shoes, I wouldn’t call it a diet book either, even though they do map out a meal plan towards the end of the book, it’s a lifestyle. If you were thinking of becoming a vegetarian this is a must read.

Once I got over the colourful language and “tough-love” talk I found the book very informative. These ladies did their research and tell you like it is. The picture they paint of mass food production and treatment of animals we eat is not appealing. They investigate how government agencies in the United States allow the food industry to lower their standards for profit. After reading the first few chapters I felt more educated about food and empowered to make more healthy choices.

It’s empowering to know that what I choose to put into my body, I get out. Or more simply, you are what you eat. I truly believe when I shop I’m casting a vote; paying a little more for organic, natural and locally grown foods will benefit everyone in the long run, if only myself for the time being.

Get it, read it. You’ll love shopping, eating and yourself more then ever.

Thanksgiving leftovers

I’ve had a whirl-wind month so far and it doesn’t look like I’ll be slowing down any time soon. Renos are in full force, we’ve made it to the climax, now it’s just putting everything back together. The main floor is nearly complete and we can stop wearing our shoes in, Yay. Last weekend my parents came out from Alberta and had Thanksgiving turkey with all the trimmings. Thanksgiving to me is a time to reflect on what I have and be grateful for all the wonderful people and moments we share together. I’d have to say this was one of the best Thanksgivings in some time, I had great friends and family to share it with. I am truly grateful for all I have.

The weather sure has changed and I can really feel the dampness already. My favourite days are rainy ones, with hot drinks and warm sweaters. I’d rather be wearing layers in the cold and be cozy then in next-to-nothing and too hot. I’m going to add more ginger to my diet this fall and winter. Ginger is warming and helps to settle the fire in the belly and gets the blood flowing. An easy way to include ginger is to add it to a morning tea of  hot lemon water. The lemon helps to wake up your metabolism first thing in the morning. Have the tea 30 minutes before you enjoy your breakfast.

What are you making with your leftover turkey?

What have you done with all those leftovers? We had nachos with turkey tonight.

Blogging tutorial


Pic from the Patricia website

Last night I went to the show with my good friend Kelly. We saw Julia and Julie, I know, your totally thinking that movie has been out of theatres forever. Popular demand brought it back to Powell River. If you are ever visiting Powell River, do take in a show at the Patricia Theatre. It’s the longest running movie theatre in Western Canada and had restored it’s beauty. The seats are a bit uncomfortable, but an intermission during the longer movies lets you stretch your legs and get some air.

What a funny movie, Meryl Streep was fabulous, and Amy Adams played such a likable character. I was most interested in seeing the film for the blogging aspects, hoping Julie would have the same reservation I’m having. Like Julie, I’m just not sure if I’m cut out for this; is there time to blog; who’s out there reading and interested in what I’m saying. I’m really fond of the idea of sharing ideas and life experiences, but the truth is when it comes down to it, I’d rather be a spectator. I’m going to face my fear and open up a little more.

Thanks for being out there and finding my blog interesting.


take in a little GOOP


I am so excited to share this, I haven’t had that good of a look at the site myself, but I love Gwyneth Paltrow and how subtle she is. GOOP is her take on lifestyle and meaning. The site has a real simple and clean design, just as life should be. Do sign up for the newsletter. I received my first a few day ago and can’t wait to try the recipe for the chocolate cupcakes.

Photo of the week


This is how I’ve been spending my free time these last few weeks. We are renovating our home, and this weekend we entered the no turning back stage of the project(s). There seems to be no end in sight but if we stick to the revised schedule we will have new flooring and colour on the walls by next Wednesday. I’m really looking forward to that and more time for yoga, of course.