Eat Pray Love in just one day

Are you tired of seeing this book cover? I’m not…yet. If you want my opinion, we are going to hear about this book for a very long time, heck there’s now holiday packages themed after this story.

I thought the movie was good (and the book even better). A well rounded chic flick with Gilbert’s wittiness thrown in. There are two scenes I particularly like: the opening scene to her India adventure. I loved the contrast between Italy and India and the music choice was perfect. This scene got my heart racing to head to India. The song was BOYZ by M.I.A. Have a listen, it will bring it all back.

The second scene, is her first experience in the meditation room at the ashram. We’ve all been there…time seems to stand still and the mind rambles on. Painful in more ways then one.

If you’d like to read a males take of the movie and the buzz it brought among he’s co-workers, check out Kyle Wells review on his Cinefile Blog.

Finally getting to the reason for this post. (See, it’s so easy to go on and on about this book.) Desiree Daniel a writer from Vancouver  documents her Eat Pray Love experience over the course of one day in this blog post on Granville Online.

March is Nutrition month

Spring is nearing and I’m finding my cravings are changing with the weather. It’s going from stew and pastas to stir-fries and salads. In support of nutrition month and to get ourselves thinking healthy for the warmer seasons ahead, I’ve posted a few links to look at to get us on a new track. I hope it sparks something new for you, enjoy!

– With great tips, healthy recipes and all the information you need on good food. Dietitians of Canada

– A must see movie about the food we eat.  Food Inc.

I want to inspire you to get in the kitchen and cook meals for yourself and your family from scratch, whether you’re a complete beginner or a good cook who likes simplicity. A great ambassador of the home grown meals movement, Jamie Oliver. Visit his site to see what he’s up to and get your hands on delicious recipes.
Jamie Oliver

– When thinking of nutrition don’t forget what flowers, leaves and plants can do for our health. Alternative Remedies that Work

– And if you are up for the challenge… A Year Without Junk Food