Doin’ the pigeon

Tonight’s class was dedicated to hips. I’m with Bert, pigeon, is one of my favourites too.

[via yogadorks]

Amazing collection of sounds

Click HERE to be wowed!! Great music, no matter how you play it. My favourite is the video that starts off as a city scape. Try playing it on it’s own, every meditative and the video is cute too.

Six Advertisements with no limits


What the? Ok, this isn’t next weeks yoga pose or a new hybrid style the west invented. Can you guess what this image is trying to sell you? CLICK HERE to find out. Also, see five other ads that you won’t believe exist. They are all selling women products in the most bizarre ways.

Graphic from the

rootdown ringtone

I wanted to share with you the ringtone I’m using on my phone, but there isn’t enough space on my blog site to host the mp3… so, I thought of the next best thing. The full length video. Enjoy Root Down by The Beastie Boys and enjoy your weekend.

Clever logo design

Yoga Australia Logo by Roy Smith Design

This is for all those who appreciate graphic design and art. What a clever use of negative space. Things like this excite and inspire me to come up with that really smart design, the kind that make you giggle. Well, they make me giggle… is that weird?

If you like identity/logo design as much as I do, click here to see more.

Yoga Australia Logo by Roy Smith Design