The sticky on eco-friendly mats

Judy, a fellow yogini, told me that David Suzuki was on the radio (I think she said CBC) the other day and was talking about how bad yoga mats are for us. And well if your mat is made from PVC it’s the same as the water bottles we’ve been drinking out of for years. I’m not saying you should run out and replace your mat but having the knowledge that there are other products out there, will help in making a conscious consumer decision. I tried looking for the interview online or on his site, but came up empty handed.

Though I did come across this great article from Granville Magazine, that compares the leading eco-friendly mats available out there. The article gives a little history on how the yoga mat came to be, and great tips to consider when shopping.

On my nightstand

skinny_bitchOkay, I know the title isn’t at all yogic and I normally wouldn’t pick up a diet book. I first heard of Skinny Bitch in the tabloids a few years ago…someone (famous) was photographed reading it outside a cafe and sales went through the roof. I came across a copy at a garage sale two weeks ago and paid 10 cents for it. The price was right to find out what all the hype was about. Turns out it’s a GREAT BOOK. Funny, no mention of mini-skirts or platform shoes, I wouldn’t call it a diet book either, even though they do map out a meal plan towards the end of the book, it’s a lifestyle. If you were thinking of becoming a vegetarian this is a must read.

Once I got over the colourful language and “tough-love” talk I found the book very informative. These ladies did their research and tell you like it is. The picture they paint of mass food production and treatment of animals we eat is not appealing. They investigate how government agencies in the United States allow the food industry to lower their standards for profit. After reading the first few chapters I felt more educated about food and empowered to make more healthy choices.

It’s empowering to know that what I choose to put into my body, I get out. Or more simply, you are what you eat. I truly believe when I shop I’m casting a vote; paying a little more for organic, natural and locally grown foods will benefit everyone in the long run, if only myself for the time being.

Get it, read it. You’ll love shopping, eating and yourself more then ever.