Savasana (corpse pose) just got better at Rootdown

Over the holidays I made eye pillows for the studio. They are a great prop to help with relaxing the brow, eyes and head. I’ve added organic lavender to the mixer of rice and beans to help calm the senses and further relax the body. For those sensitive to scent, I’ve made a few without the lavender. I hope they are enjoyed as much as I enjoyed making them.

Getting organized

Ok, where have I been? Good question. Things are starting to pick up at work (Christmas is upon us), renos are still in the works, and I’m ENGAGED (Yahoo!). With all these great things happening in my life and the colder weather zapping my motivation (I have to pin it on something), there is no better time to get organized then the present and a good way to do that is making lists. I scoured the blog list I frequent and came across these nicely designed printable lists by Erin Vale. To download them for yourself click here. (Sorry for the link to a link.)


Image from How About Orange Blog


Flip flop those old mats for a new one

Now, here’s the solution to getting that new mat you’ve been eyeing, guilt free. Recycle your old mat into something functional and wearable; if your pair ends up looking like theirs, stylish too. I’ll let you know when I make my pair, that is when I find my new dream mat.