The sticky on eco-friendly mats

Judy, a fellow yogini, told me that David Suzuki was on the radio (I think she said CBC) the other day and was talking about how bad yoga mats are for us. And well if your mat is made from PVC it’s the same as the water bottles we’ve been drinking out of for years. I’m not saying you should run out and replace your mat but having the knowledge that there are other products out there, will help in making a conscious consumer decision. I tried looking for the interview online or on his site, but came up empty handed.

Though I did come across this great article from Granville Magazine, that compares the leading eco-friendly mats available out there. The article gives a little history on how the yoga mat came to be, and great tips to consider when shopping.

33 Ways to get and keep yourself motivated

Now that winter is starting to set in, I’m feeling chilled and lethargic. The winters here, on the coast feel colder then the -20 ºC winters in Southern Alberta. I find the air is heavy and damp; and chills you to the bone. Making me want to curl up on the couch until mid April. Today’s list is about motivation, just reading the first few has motivated me to read all 33, so I thought I’d share. CLICK HERE and start these winter months with a positive, productive and clear mind.

Top five Healthiest Nuts

brain_food_nutsKeeping with a list theme, I’m going to post a list each day, this week. Today’s is nuts. I love nuts, and try to incorporate them into my diet daily. Click here to view the list.

Graphic from the GHC website.

Benefits of Massage

I have a massage appointment booked for Saturday and I can’t wait, it’s long over due. A massage is such a good thing to get done to yourself, not just for the pampering reasons. If you are someone who hasn’t treated themselves to a massage or feel they aren’t sore enough for one, here’s an article that may change your mind. Five Surprising Benefits of Massage.