“Over the years, I have tried many exercise routines and always dropped off, for unknown reasons. When I started your yoga sessions, I was doubtful that I would like it and/or stick with it. I knew from the first day that I loved it even though I had stiff, cranky bones. You opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about exercise and how it can affect my health. My outlook is very positive for my coming years of “senior living” with the increased flexibility your yoga instruction has given me. Thank you, Keely.” – Terry D

“I have taken yoga classes with a variety of instructors, but Keely is the first instructor I have had that really connects with you on how to do a pose properly. She has very creative ways to do this. I like that Keely incorporates various aspects of yoga, not just the poses. Keely also continuously changes class so I am always challenged.” – Roselyn C

“I just wanted to thank you for yoga this morning. I was in a real funk that I could not seem to find my way out of and yoga this morning helped me surrender to it and I have felt absolutely amazing ever since. So thank you for doing what you do and being you!” – Leilah T

“Over a year ago I started yoga classes with Keely. At the beginning I had no idea that the journey was going to be one of freedom: freedom of pain; freedom from fear of movement; freedom to relax my way to a better sleep. It was also a journey of self – discovery and one I intend to continue along. Keely is very knowledgeable in kinetics and physiology. It always amazes me the way she can talk you into a pose you would say was short of impossible. She teaches with individuality in mind (aware of our aches and pains and limitations) and adapts accordingly. Each movement is explained in detail and done in baby steps.
My life has improved with yoga in it. I no longer take medication near as often. My self awareness extends beyond the yoga session. Will I ever sit in full lotus? When I started, my down dog was a cautious bend at the waist with a chair!  My journey continues…” – Diane G

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