Happy Weekend

Photo by: Tyson Fandrick

Happy weekend. What does these days hold for you? They hold ease for me. I’ve recently started a new job that challenges a part of my brain that I haven’t been using. I’m helping in the office of our local High School. I feel honoured to be a part of a team that keeps the machine running. Our youth is important and I’m happy to support the teachers and staff in creating the next generation of passionate hearts. With this change in my days I feel flighty, over stimulated and my throat is sore from all the talking. My free time is full of meditation, yoga, cuddles and lots of fluids. Finding balance is the game I thrive to play. My heart is open and everyday brings something new, I feel so blessed.

This weeks’ energy was supplied by Hemp Hearts. Try these if you can get them. They are from Southern Alberta (my home land) and the best I’ve tasted.

The meditation app I live by.

Bring on fall and winter for today I start of Soul Arch practice. (Free trail, follow link)

My favourite water enhancer.

How’s your punctuation? Found out here.

This is our bike park, looks fun right?!

Every wardrobe needs a staple cardi, this is mine.

Happy Weekend

Photo Credit Tyson Fandrick // @tfandrick

Photo Credit Tyson Fandrick

Happy weekend. What’s up for you this weekend? My days are becoming fuller and need to have my meal plan organized. I’ll be looking over my Pins and prepping for this week. Here’s my Food Bank board full of good looking (maybe not always healthy healthy) recipes and my energy snack board, Body Movin’ Food.
If you stopped in last weekend, I’m sorry I was M.I.A.  Big thanks for coming back.
Can I tempt you with a little of this M.I.A.

Some web findings from this week:

I’m feeling there might be a Shibori party in my near future.

Change of season. Even though this is a US Fall Foliage Prediction Map it’s cool to know the cycle of a leaf’s life.

I’m so blessed to call this home. (Don’t be jealous, come and visit.)

After throwing out his back, Ontario man is taking ‘yoga’ to court. .Get ready to laugh.

Spiritual practice won’t make you super human. But it will help you fall in love with your humanity. @daniellelaporte

I have a thing for the clutch, like this one.

The origins of yoga.

Fresh air indoors, the best houseplants.

I’m ever learning about Essential Oils. Take this quiz and find out what EO you are. (I’m lavender)

Photo: That’s Sagan, member of #teamfandrick.

A Chair Yoga Practice

The use of a chair in your yoga practice heightens everything; your sense of inner and outer space, the tensions and blockages within the body and the wide open space, your sense of mental stability and your physical flexibility.

The chair allows us the space to explore a pose longer, giving the body time to receive what the shape of the posture has to offer. Some postures that may feel constricting or holds a lot of dis-ease for us, the chair brings the posture to us, bring the floor to a height were we can ground into or offering less work in a space that would normally be in tension. A chair becomes an extension of your body and a helper in finding our way.

Here’s an example of a standing series.


Tadasana: The hands on the back of the chair offer a sense of grounding and space for a light open chest. By placing the souls of the feet up the legs of the chair elongates the calf muscles and the Achilles’. Great one for runners and cyclists.


Salute in Mountain:
By taking the arms up challenges the balance and helps to align the body.DownDogAdho Mukha Svanasana: The hands on the back of the seat of the chair helps bring the weight of the body back into the legs. Giving space to extend the truck, stretch the arms and open the chest. The hands slanted help lift the forearms and integrates the elbow into the pose. Extremely helpful for hyper-extenders.Uttanasana Uttanasana: “Deepen your hip creases” the pose does just that. It’s an intense stretch for the whole back side of the body with equal relaxing qualities.TriangleUtthita Trikonasana: Having the front foot again on the seat helps bring the weight into the back leg. The slanted surface helps the leg in the same way the arms from above. Supporting the ankle, knee and hip crease.W2Virabhadrasana II: “Sitting” on the chair will show you your potential. It gets you right in there, allows you lots of ease to explore the outer rotation of the front thigh, creating a healthy alignment with the front knee. You will feel like a warrior this this variation of the pose.SideAngleUtthita Parsvakonasana: All the lovely things from Virabha II and more. The grip of the seat back helps to roll and lift the chest.ParsvotanasanaParsvotanasana: The chair not only acts as a support but helps to align the pelvis. The connection through the arms helps engage the shoulder girdle and lengths the spine towards neutral.RevTriArmParivrtta Trikonasana: The chair helps with balance in this pose, giving you a lifted support to assist in the rotation of the twist. Find the ease if your efforts.

If you’d like to experience a chair yoga class with me, I’m leading a series of classes at our Rec Complex. Contact the Complex directly to get involved, 604.485.2891. If you’d like more information and to chat yoga contact me here.

Advanced Chair Yoga  ::  Sept 30 – Nov 25 (8-weeks) $75
Wednesdays 5:30 – 6:30pm

A yoga practice designed for those looking to add depth to their already existing practice. With the use of a chair as a prop or extension of the body, we will investigate alignment, stability and precision. The intension of this series is to have fun exploring this new element on our yoga mat and to bring us into our curious mind. This class is not intended for people suffering from special health problems. An understanding of Yogasana is needed. Please bring a sturdy blanket and other yoga props you may have.

Happy Weekend


What does this weekend bring you? I’ll prepping for this Fall session of classes, which you can see the list here. This is the first season I’ve had more unique themed sessions planned than on-going classes and I love that it brings me back into study. Even though I’m not exploring any new concepts for myself, I always find I learn more, go deeper into my practice. Concepts that may have been over my head in the past, I now get. This brings up new questions to ask myself and helps me expand into a fuller being. I wish to share and help others find new within themselves.

Here is my like list from the internets:

I’m a sucker for planners. Would love this one or this one.

Eat, Pray, Love forever Norah Jones! She bought the house.

Life Hack: How a Password Changed My Life

Best short movie I watched this week.

One of my go to apps. I call it Brain Games (But it’s really called Fit Brain)

Know your “Why

My current Yoga read.

Bears in swimming pools, I could watch them all day here and here.

The ballet bun. Mine will never look like this.

[Thank you to everyone that shares and sends me stuff. I owe these weekend post to you.]

Happy Weekend


What a loaded week…have you been feeling it too? There are things (the lazy summer way) I’m not ready to let go of, while others are revving up. With all the rain we’ve been having it feels like a cleanse, the garden is being watered and with a little sunshine in the forecast, watch how it will grow!

I’m setting out on my own (“my” meaning Team Rootdown, which is Team Fandrick, which is my husband, Tyson and Golden Lab, Sagan) this fall with projects that have been re-occurring thoughts and ideas up until now. I’m thrilled at this time to have the courage and the space to share my practice; my Yoga practice, my being human practice, my playing-an-active-role in a community practice, my loving-and-respecting nature practice, and many more as we go.

This weekend you can find me at the Open Air Market on Sunday with my Morse Code Bracelets <— This is one of the projects I’m talking about 🙂

My like list from a week of interneting:

This exercise sent shivers down my spine.

I didn’t realize how many different mental illnesses there were and how I can relate with so many of them. How many of these little monsters are you packing around?

Need a pep talk?

More people like this please.

Taking your yoga off the mat (and into another country) 24 customs to remember while traveling. (Side Note: I love the name of this website…mental_floss)

Good Vibes

My Wednesday’s, after a session in Coast Fitness’s Hot Room, always always end with this salt.

What’s in a kiss?

Photo from Morse Code Bracelets; Like here. Follow here. Words by: Lena Stevens