Conversations: A mid-morning tea

Join the discussion of things close to our hearts. Let’s build a support system for woman to come together to share and lift up one another. Let this mid-morning tea be a scared event where we open our minds and hearts to others, to share our light, wisdom and silliness.

I love this from Danielle LaPorte

Want to improve your communication skills?

Then communicate.

Our most common communication blunder is not that we’re insensitive, or forceful, or misdirected. It’s that we fail to communicate at all.

We swallow. We hedge. We delay. We punish with silence. We freeze with fear. We open our mind to assumptions but keep our mouths shut. We lock down. We just don’t say anything.

Most often, even weak or wobbly communication is far better than shutting down completely.

Sincerity and courage go a lot further than “polished” communication skills any day.

Have the conversation. Say how you feel. Ask the question. Bring it up. Stumble with good intentions. Fly with an open heart. Communicate.  [<– I love, love, love this!!]

Mark your calendar
Sunday January 31
Sunday February 28
Sunday March 27
Sunday May 8
10:30am til noon-ish at Coast Fitness (#102- 7385 Duncan St)

Tea will be on, bring a mug and a small treat to share if you’d like.
Please bring anything that will make you comfortable; yoga mat, props, blankets, we will be sitting on the floor.

Happy Weekend

APrayerHappy weekend! What are you getting up to? This is a big weekend for holiday craft fairs’ here in Powell River. Last weekend I missed you, I attended my first craft fair with my Morse Code Bracelets. They were well received and it was nearly a sell out! Thank you to everyone who stopped by, I love the interaction and sharing my passion for positive personal change. Much Love.

Here’s what was on the web this week.

Taking the selfie to new heights. I love the idea of having a cookie that looks like my dog. (These two sentences don’t really belong together…the freedom of blogging. Love it!)

And Great Mother Earth gives us a giant elephant. Thank you.

My weekend science project = nourishing tea. Get a jump start on cold and flu season with this concoction.

Most days I go from teaching a yoga class to a casual office job. I don’t like to pack outfits, so I’m focused on pants that would work for both. I have these and get lots of complements on them.

I love is way of serving appetizers.

550 sheep, can you see them?

More parents like this please.

8 minute meditation with Sam Harris.

Photo: From the Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House, Lake Louise. Ty and I were these a few summers ago. The hike to the tea house is a most do.

Happy Halloween Weekend


Happy Halloween! Wishing you more treats then tricks this evening…starting with these links. 🙂

A massive human skull watching over us. Happy Halloween!

I love me some brain games. Here’s the new app I’m trying. 

Russell Brand: in the past I thought he was hard to listen to, today…I’m listening.

Daylight Saving this weekend

Mark your calendar: Victoria Yoga Conference Feb 5-7, 2016 Do we want to go together?

Everything we think we know about addition is wrong.

More of this happening, please.

My go to tea these days.

I love whales. 

Photo: Our front door’s halloween costume last year.

Happy Weekend


This weekend’s post is coming to you from my husband Tyson. Sharing a few of his favourite things from this week.

• Welcome to the Soul Arch Yoga retreat in Costa Rica. Keely and I did this last spring and it was a bucket list experience. Highly recommended for spring 2016. BTW, it takes place on the Nicoya Peninsula, which is a surfer’s paradise. Pura Vida!
“A wise man once said ‘Between stimulus and reaction there is a space. In that space lies our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.’ “  – Whit Hornsberger

Keely: These monkeys were having a patio party while we were out for the day.

• Monday brought the liberating news that the Emperor Harper-tine era of ruining our country is over. Ding dong, the witch is dead.
Here’s an open letter from the Justin Trudeau, this part I particularly like. Science is our hope: “The muzzling of scientists and the Conservative suppression of scientific information is an assault on democracy and an embarrassment to Canada on the international stage. The Liberal Party of Canada is committed to revoking the rules and regulations that muzzle government scientists and allow them to speak freely about their work…”
A good start for sure, here’s hoping they follow through.

• Monday was a pretty decent night: The official Star Wars trailer was released, as well. Can’t contain my inner child excitement. 

• Back to the Future! Wednesday was 10/21/15, the date Marty McFly went to in the future with Doc. Well, the future is now, make your own. 

• CBC’s satire radio show This is That is brilliantly funny. If you haven’t caught their show, usually Thursday at 11:30am, here’s a link to their page with all past shows and segments.

• Finally, a nod to the late, great Carl Sagan. My hero, so named our Lab Retriever after him. Taken from his book ‘Pale Blue Dot’, an important message we all should hear.

Photo: From our trip to Costa Rica. There’s awesome tidal pools, the size of swimming pools to soak in.

Happy Weekend


My internet perusing time has been cut back drastically over the last two weeks. Even though it’s been refreshing to be away from the internet, I haven’t had much of a chance to collect content for this post. This one is short but sweet, it may inspire you to step away from your computer and into the kitchen or in front of Netflex. Both served me well this past week.

23 Things I wish I’d known at 23. I like them all.

How 200 people fit on a street.

These were my go to snack this week. Yum. And this was my lunch.

When the seasons change so does my skin. A great time to try a new regimen that fits with your sign.

I will not be jealous of another great instagram pic, here’s why.

Netflex binge: Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present and Kumare

More people like this please.

Dream Catcher by me. Wishing you freedom and joy.