Keely Spengler

I started practicing yoga in 2000 and since have had the opportunity to experience different styles and combination of styles. Most of my training and interest lays with the Iyengar system. An emphasis on alignment and intention are elements that I feel are very important in a yoga practice and I bring those ideas to each class. Moving from Southern Alberta to Powell River in 2007, has been such an uplifting experience. I’d like to call myself an modern day Antevasin, which is sanskrit for ‘one who lives at the border.’ I made the move from the city to a coastal town in search of the simpler life, and in return I’ve found my simpler self.

With creating Rootdown Yoga I want to help you and myself create the best foundation, or roots, to utilize on and off the mat. The phrase “root down” is stressed in yoga classes frequently to help you find the connection with the ground to reach high and lengthen. By being strongly rooted the strength and ease in all asana will become attainable. In life experiences, clarity and acceptance are granted.

Now is the time to get back to your roots.


New to yoga?

• Yoga is practiced in bare feet and be sure to wear comfortable clothing.
• Please arrive on time, giving yourself plenty of time to settle into the class.
• Students are encouraged to bring their own yoga mat to class, rental mats are limited.
• Please be courteous and not wear perfumes, colognes or scented products do to others sensitivities.
• For the best experience do not eat three hours before class. Do drink plenty of water after class.
• Please turn off cell phones for the duration of the class.