Conversations: A mid-morning tea

Join the discussion of things close to our hearts. Let’s build a support system for woman to come together to share and lift up one another. Let this mid-morning tea be a scared event where we open our minds and hearts to others, to share our light, wisdom and silliness.

I love this from Danielle LaPorte

Want to improve your communication skills?

Then communicate.

Our most common communication blunder is not that we’re insensitive, or forceful, or misdirected. It’s that we fail to communicate at all.

We swallow. We hedge. We delay. We punish with silence. We freeze with fear. We open our mind to assumptions but keep our mouths shut. We lock down. We just don’t say anything.

Most often, even weak or wobbly communication is far better than shutting down completely.

Sincerity and courage go a lot further than “polished” communication skills any day.

Have the conversation. Say how you feel. Ask the question. Bring it up. Stumble with good intentions. Fly with an open heart. Communicate.  [<– I love, love, love this!!]

Mark your calendar
Sunday January 31
Sunday February 28
Sunday March 27
Sunday May 8
10:30am til noon-ish at Coast Fitness (#102- 7385 Duncan St)

Tea will be on, bring a mug and a small treat to share if you’d like.
Please bring anything that will make you comfortable; yoga mat, props, blankets, we will be sitting on the floor.

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