Happy Weekend

APrayerHappy weekend! What are you getting up to? This is a big weekend for holiday craft fairs’ here in Powell River. Last weekend I missed you, I attended my first craft fair with my Morse Code Bracelets. They were well received and it was nearly a sell out! Thank you to everyone who stopped by, I love the interaction and sharing my passion for positive personal change. Much Love.

Here’s what was on the web this week.

Taking the selfie to new heights. I love the idea of having a cookie that looks like my dog. (These two sentences don’t really belong together…the freedom of blogging. Love it!)

And Great Mother Earth gives us a giant elephant. Thank you.

My weekend science project = nourishing tea. Get a jump start on cold and flu season with this concoction.

Most days I go from teaching a yoga class to a casual office job. I don’t like to pack outfits, so I’m focused on pants that would work for both. I have these and get lots of complements on them.

I love is way of serving appetizers.

550 sheep, can you see them?

More parents like this please.

8 minute meditation with Sam Harris.

Photo: From the Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House, Lake Louise. Ty and I were these a few summers ago. The hike to the tea house is a most do.

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