Happy Weekend

Photo by: Tyson Fandrick

Happy weekend. What does these days hold for you? They hold ease for me. I’ve recently started a new job that challenges a part of my brain that I haven’t been using. I’m helping in the office of our local High School. I feel honoured to be a part of a team that keeps the machine running. Our youth is important and I’m happy to support the teachers and staff in creating the next generation of passionate hearts. With this change in my days I feel flighty, over stimulated and my throat is sore from all the talking. My free time is full of meditation, yoga, cuddles and lots of fluids. Finding balance is the game I thrive to play. My heart is open and everyday brings something new, I feel so blessed.

This weeks’ energy was supplied by Hemp Hearts. Try these if you can get them. They are from Southern Alberta (my home land) and the best I’ve tasted.

The meditation app I live by.

Bring on fall and winter for today I start of Soul Arch practice. (Free trail, follow link)

My favourite water enhancer.

How’s your punctuation? Found out here.

This is our bike park, looks fun right?!

Every wardrobe needs a staple cardi, this is mine.

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