Happy Weekend

Photo Credit Tyson Fandrick // @tfandrick

Photo Credit Tyson Fandrick

Happy weekend. What’s up for you this weekend? My days are becoming fuller and need to have my meal plan organized. I’ll be looking over my Pins and prepping for this week. Here’s my Food Bank board full of good looking (maybe not always healthy healthy) recipes and my energy snack board, Body Movin’ Food.
If you stopped in last weekend, I’m sorry I was M.I.A.  Big thanks for coming back.
Can I tempt you with a little of this M.I.A.

Some web findings from this week:

I’m feeling there might be a Shibori party in my near future.

Change of season. Even though this is a US Fall Foliage Prediction Map it’s cool to know the cycle of a leaf’s life.

I’m so blessed to call this home. (Don’t be jealous, come and visit.)

After throwing out his back, Ontario man is taking ‘yoga’ to court. .Get ready to laugh.

Spiritual practice won’t make you super human. But it will help you fall in love with your humanity. @daniellelaporte

I have a thing for the clutch, like this one.

The origins of yoga.

Fresh air indoors, the best houseplants.

I’m ever learning about Essential Oils. Take this quiz and find out what EO you are. (I’m lavender)

Photo: That’s Sagan, member of #teamfandrick.

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