Happy Weekend


What does this weekend bring you? I’ll prepping for this Fall session of classes, which you can see the list here. This is the first season I’ve had more unique themed sessions planned than on-going classes and I love that it brings me back into study. Even though I’m not exploring any new concepts for myself, I always find I learn more, go deeper into my practice. Concepts that may have been over my head in the past, I now get. This brings up new questions to ask myself and helps me expand into a fuller being. I wish to share and help others find new within themselves.

Here is my like list from the internets:

I’m a sucker for planners. Would love this one or this one.

Eat, Pray, Love forever Norah Jones! She bought the house.

Life Hack: How a Password Changed My Life

Best short movie I watched this week.

One of my go to apps. I call it Brain Games (But it’s really called Fit Brain)

Know your “Why

My current Yoga read.

Bears in swimming pools, I could watch them all day here and here.

The ballet bun. Mine will never look like this.

[Thank you to everyone that shares and sends me stuff. I owe these weekend post to you.]

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