Happy Weekend


What a loaded week…have you been feeling it too? There are things (the lazy summer way) I’m not ready to let go of, while others are revving up. With all the rain we’ve been having it feels like a cleanse, the garden is being watered and with a little sunshine in the forecast, watch how it will grow!

I’m setting out on my own (“my” meaning Team Rootdown, which is Team Fandrick, which is my husband, Tyson and Golden Lab, Sagan) this fall with projects that have been re-occurring thoughts and ideas up until now. I’m thrilled at this time to have the courage and the space to share my practice; my Yoga practice, my being human practice, my playing-an-active-role in a community practice, my loving-and-respecting nature practice, and many more as we go.

This weekend you can find me at the Open Air Market on Sunday with my Morse Code Bracelets <— This is one of the projects I’m talking about 🙂

My like list from a week of interneting:

This exercise sent shivers down my spine.

I didn’t realize how many different mental illnesses there were and how I can relate with so many of them. How many of these little monsters are you packing around?

Need a pep talk?

More people like this please.

Taking your yoga off the mat (and into another country) 24 customs to remember while traveling. (Side Note: I love the name of this website…mental_floss)

Good Vibes

My Wednesday’s, after a session in Coast Fitness’s Hot Room, always always end with this salt.

What’s in a kiss?

Photo from Morse Code Bracelets; Like here. Follow here. Words by: Lena Stevens

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