11.11.11 Yoga • New Beginnings

I’m so excited to be putting this event on. To celebrate new beginnings and learn the significance of the date and the meaning of the numbers 1 and 6. The idea came to me the other day when I noticed a tweet saying something like, for my classes on 11.11.11 I may have my students hold poses for 11 breathes. Right away I thought, great idea what can I do. I started to research the significance of the numbers 11.11.11. A lot of information is out there (as you know, about every topic) but a blog entry on Nov, 11 2009 (which holds the same significance as 11.11.11)  from the Ancient Secrets Revealed site really resonated with me.

The energy surrounding 1 = leadership, new beginnings, fresh starts, pioneering, independence, self-awareness, consciousness, and leading your own life

The energy surrounding 6 (1+1+1+1+1+1=6) = domestic responsibilities, home, family, stability, accountability, and balance

Please come and take part in 11 sun salutations and 11 oms to celebrate the energy and vibrations aligned with 11.11.11, or simply to acknowledge and meditate on the words listed above.

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