Opening to Grace

Another great workshop this past weekend, Annie Stocker opened our practice to the stability and joyful freedom of Anusara Yoga. Annie is from Seattle and the owner of Two Dog Yoga.

Anusara is a fairly new school of hatha yoga, started in 1997 by John Friend. There are five Universal Principles to Alignment to take with you into your asana practice. I like how this practice really integrates every part of the body, bringing awareness to how the body is interconnected and working as a whole.

The Anusara Invocation

Universal Principles of Alignment

1. Opening to Grace (Air) – Being represented by the nature element of air, grace is all around us. Lead with your heart and grace will be present.

2. Muscular Energy (Earth) – The awareness of the energy and strength in the body through the use of the muscle tissue.

3. Inner Spiral (Water) – Drawing to the centre, to the source, this is an expanding spiral. Pressing out through the ball of the big toe rotates the legs inward, widening the thighs and pelvis.

4. Outer Spiral (Fire) – Coming into play in back bends. Rotating legs outward, thighs and pelvis draw together.

5. Organic Energy (Space) – This element is beyond air, radiating everywhere. This is where expansion, flexibility and freedom come to the pose.

During asana practice we are looking for a balance between the principles. Noticing which elements come to you every easily and others that do not and work with bring the strength to the weaker elements. In the process finding the space or organic energy.

Learn more about Anusara Yoga HERE.

More pictures from the workshop is on RD Yoga’s facebook page.

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