Q&A: Why roll to the right?

When coming out of savasana (corpse pose) we roll to the side and ease ourselves back to a seated position using our arm strength. This way we aren’t jolting our calmed flow of energy, we are moving mindfully and keeping our lower backs safe from potential strain which could occur from a jack knife movement we’d normally get up with. However,  this doesn’t answer the question, why the right?

It has been said we roll to the right to allow our hearts to stay open, continuing to give and receive. I have also recently learned it’s a symbol of the sun rising from the east to the west, dawning a new day after a great rest.

Anatomically we roll to the right so there isn’t any unnecessary pressure and weight on our open heart, keeping a stable blood pressure. As well, the right side of the brain is more meditative then the left allowing your mind to wake up gradually from savasana.

I would suggest resting on the left side of the body after a meal which will stimulate digestion. Also, for those students that are pregnant, for better circulation.

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