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Pic from the Patricia website

Last night I went to the show with my good friend Kelly. We saw Julia and Julie, I know, your totally thinking that movie has been out of theatres forever. Popular demand brought it back to Powell River. If you are ever visiting Powell River, do take in a show at the Patricia Theatre. It’s the longest running movie theatre in Western Canada and had restored it’s beauty. The seats are a bit uncomfortable, but an intermission during the longer movies lets you stretch your legs and get some air.

What a funny movie, Meryl Streep was fabulous, and Amy Adams played such a likable character. I was most interested in seeing the film for the blogging aspects, hoping Julie would have the same reservation I’m having. Like Julie, I’m just not sure if I’m cut out for this; is there time to blog; who’s out there reading and interested in what I’m saying. I’m really fond of the idea of sharing ideas and life experiences, but the truth is when it comes down to it, I’d rather be a spectator. I’m going to face my fear and open up a little more.

Thanks for being out there and finding my blog interesting.


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