Hatha vs Vinyasa flow

For those out there that are unsure about what class to attend for the first time, I’ll explain some of the similarities and differences of the two types of classes I offer.

Hatha yoga and vinyasa flow yoga are similar by:
• they both unify the mind, body and soul
• increase strength and flexibility
• come from the same philosophy and standards
• both practices are preformed on a yoga mat (for the most part, in the west)
• they make use of the same asana

The differences between the two styles are:
• Hatha has been prevalent since the 15th century, also known as Hatha Vidya or the science of Hatha. Where, flow is derived from hatha. And most likely influenced by the teachings of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the founder of Ashtanga yoga.
• Flow yoga links the poses together with breath which directly effects the cardiovascular system. Hatha yoga is a gentle and slower pace practice, becoming challenging physically when moving deeper and holding poses for longer periods of time.
• Hatha is perfect for beginners to gain experience and confidence. The time spent in positions allows the student to feel correct alignment and gain awareness in the body. Flow is considered a more advanced practice which is demanding on the systems of the body.
• Flow builds heat in the body every quickly by dynamic movements, the practice is the journey between the postures. The opposite is for hatha, poses are held for multiple breaths, the practice is the poses.

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