Spiced Quinoa

Searching for gluten-free meals that used quinoa, on allrecipes.com, and came across this new favourite. I’ve made the dish twice in the last three weeks. I actually had a craving for it, it’s that good. The aroma that fills the kitchen is so soothing, and the raisins and curry go so well together.
If you haven’t tried cooking with quinoa it is as easy as rice and couscous.
Nutritionally it’s a wonder, a complete protein source, high in dietary fiber and loaded with iron. It’s perfect really! Enjoy!

Spiced Quinoa

Click pic for link to recipe

One thought on “Spiced Quinoa

  1. Tyson F. says:

    As a non-practicing yogi who enjoys the regular “meat and potatoes” meal, I can vouch for the edibility of this dish. Very good.

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