Starting a new habit

This morning I ran 5K, it’s been a while since I’ve ran a measured distance and 5K is a little further then I thought. It was the perfect morning for the challenge. Nice and warm, overcast, a slight sea breeze and when I rounded the first corner of the track there’s a view of the ocean through the trees. Throughout my run I was always coming back to myself and checking in.

I couldn’t help but think during the run how much my yoga practice helped me keep moving for the 35 minutes, 12.5 laps, and a handful of songs. When I needed that extra little breath I ballooned my lungs out and was surprised to feel air in areas of my chest I had not felt before. What an exhilarating experience to know I’m not using my body to it’s full potential… there’s room for growth.

You know that point in a run when you start telling yourself “that’s enough”?  Yogi’s call this voice the “ego”, and sometimes it is enough, but most times the ego is saying “I know there’s more in the tank, but I’m just tired.” I find my ego saying things like, “at least you made it out”, “you could always go again tomorrow”, “look at them, they’re just walking”…. But today, I listened to my Self. I had set an intention to run the full 5K and just kept going.

I love having the body awareness that yoga has taught me. As I was tiring, about 2K in (which is the distance I now know my normal after work jogs are) the ego kicked in saying “walk just one lap”. I took a moment and focused on my breath, steady inhales and exhales. Brought my awareness to my legs and hips, my stride was a little short but hey, I’m going farther then I have in a long time. Walking wasn’t an option and then I rounded that first corner again and aaahhh the ocean view. And my mind was onto something else, tiredness forgotten.

When chatting with other runners, we talk about that tiring stage and knowing when you are done. The majority say either the lungs tire first or the legs do. For myself it’s the cardio that limits me. By the ninth lap I was feeling it in my right lower ribs but I was on the home  stretch. So I slowed my pace for the last few laps, feeling great that I’d gone farther today than yesterday. Then I thought of the coffee I was going to have when I got home, found a rockin’ song on “Skip” (my iPod shuffle) and poured it on for the last 100 meters. It’s been a great day, 5K and it’s only 9 am.

2 thoughts on “Starting a new habit

  1. kelly says:

    I have learned that from you as well, I find when I am walking and something starts to hurt I focus on that spot and breath into it and I can continue on, as before I would have just stopped and went

    Truly inspiring you are Keely.

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